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Ruichang has been operating with the aim of becoming a professional and well-reputed enterprise. We have a strong R&D team that supports our continuous development of new products, such as bamboo wall mirror. We pay close attention to customer service so we've set up a service center. Each staff working in the center is highly responsive to customers' requests and can track the order status at any time. Our everlasting tenet is to provide customers with cost-effective and high-quality products, and to create values for customers. We would like to cooperate with customers throughout the whole world. Contact us to get more details.
With complete bamboo wall mirror production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our bamboo wall mirror, call us directly.
We have an experienced team consisting of several industry experts. They have years of experience in manufacturing and designing bamboo wall mirror. In the past months, they have been focusing on improving the practical use of the product, and finally they made it. Proudly speaking, our product enjoys a wide application range and can be very useful when applied in the field(s) of bamboo wall mirror.
  • Bamboo + MDF Nesting Coffee Table Set Of 2
    Bamboo + MDF Nesting Coffee Table Set Of 2
    Model: HX-77049(White + Grey) / HX-77050( White + White)Product Size: Large: 55 x 55 x 45cmSmall: 40 x 40 x 40cmPacked Size: 58.5 x 58.5 x 6.5 cmNet Weight: 4.27kgGross Weight: 6.0kgMaterial: MDF + Bamboo
  • Small Triangle Round Side Table
    Small Triangle Round Side Table
    Model: HX-77109Item Size: 32 x 30 x 25cmTable Thickness: 1.5cmMaterial: MDF + BambooColor: White + Natural
  • Custom bamboo coffee table round cost Manufacturer | Ruichang
    Custom bamboo coffee table round cost Manufacturer | Ruichang
    The product is not subject to paint-shedding nor its finish being scratched mainly thanks to its finely surface treatment.
  • Bamboo Squatting Toilet Stool
    Bamboo Squatting Toilet Stool
    FODABLE & NON-INSTALLATION DESIGNThe squatting toilet stool has a collapsible design, which is convenient for storage and can save your precious bathroom space. You just need to unfold it directly when you need it and press down the button to fold, saving your time and eliminating installation work.HIGH-QUALITY NATURAL BAMBOOThe bathroom squatting toilet stool is made of 100% quality natural bamboo, which is safe for human health. It is much more durable and stable than a plastic stool, is safe enough for your family. The high-quality material is waterproof, can be easily cleaned with a cloth, or rinsed directly with water, simple and convenient.SUPERIOR DESIGN, SAFE & COMFORTABLEIt can be easy to fold with just one button for easy storage. This exquisite toilet stool has a non-slip cushion to ensure stability and safety. In addition, the non-slip groove design increases friction and brings safety to you and your family, it can also make your feet comfortable.IMPROVE YOUR BOWEL HEALTHIt is very easy and comfortable to use. Just put your feet on this bamboo platform during defecation. This toilet seat will help you imitate the natural defecation posture, fully relax the puborectails muscle, which allows the colon to empty quickly and thoroughly. Effectively reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, strain, and bloating problems.
  • Bamboo Shower Stool
    Bamboo Shower Stool
    Model: HX-73066 (Natural)Item size: 61× 34 × 45 cmPacked size: 66 x 38 x 13 cmNet Weight: 4.95kgGross Weight: 5.6 kgMaterial: BambooColor: Natural / Black / Walnut
  • 2-Pack Round Serving Tray
    2-Pack Round Serving Tray
    Model: HX-10194Product Size:Large: 35 x 35 x 5cmMedium: 30 x 30 x 5cmPacked Size(6 sets in 1ctn): 39 x 37 x 54cmNet Weight: 1kgGross Weight: 1.35kgMaterial: Bamboo + MDFColor: Natural
  • Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder & Spice Shelf
    Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder & Spice Shelf
    Model: HX-10302Material: BambooMounting Type: Wall MountedDimensions: 24.6 x 41.3 x 4.8 cmWeight: 1.9kg
  • Custom bamboo cart price | Ruichang
    Custom bamboo cart price | Ruichang
    Ruichang bamboo cart undergoes a variety of specialized testing and evaluation to a scope of standards both domestic and internationally in the arts and crafts industry.
  • Eco Friendly Space Saving 3-Tier Bamboo Spice Rack Organizer
    Eco Friendly Space Saving 3-Tier Bamboo Spice Rack Organizer
    Model: HX-10230Item Size: 30 x 30 x 15cmPacked Size: 30 x 30 x 15cmMaterial: BambooColor: Natural
  • Ruichang Non Slip Quick Drying Mat for Bathroom and Kitchen
    Ruichang Non Slip Quick Drying Mat for Bathroom and Kitchen
    Bamboo Bath Mat - Waterproof Wooden Floor Mat for Indoor & Outdoor Use with Non-Slip Feet and Grooves
  • This is how we made out a bathtub tray
    This is how we made out a bathtub tray
    Use:This bathtub tray caddy has a built-in wine glass holder and book/tablet holder that make your experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. Bathtub Tray: An expandable bathtub tray is a new way to experience your bath, it offers the convenience and the needs for a perfect bath. Prevent misuse: Make sure the bathtub tray is stable to prevent accidental sliding on the bathtub surface. Bamboo : The expandable bathtub tray is made of durable and solid bamboo, a biodegradable and sustainable resource. Easy Care: Dry the bathtub tray completely with a towel and allow it to air dry after you wash it. Oiling is necessary to maintain its shine and durability.
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