Latest bamboo flower stand factory price | Ruichang

Latest bamboo flower stand factory price | Ruichang

This product is not influenced by infrared and UV ray. Even it is exposed under the UV ray for a long time, it can still maintain its original colors and shape.
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Always striving toward excellence, Ruichang has developed to be a market-driven and customer-oriented enterprise. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and completing service businesses. We have set up a customer service department to better provide customers with prompt services including order tracking notice. bamboo flower stand Ruichang is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and one-stop service. We will, as always, actively provide prompt services such. For more details about our bamboo flower stand and other products, just let us know.Ruichang bamboo flower stand is designed by the creative and professional designers who seek the designing inspiration in people's daily life and combine reality with imagination.

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Our plant stand is made of 100% handmade bamboo, more sturdy and durable than adjustable pot stands that use thin metal tubes. It supports 50kg heavy pots and will last for years. It is a good replacement for rust-prone metal planter stands.

Simple bamboo wood texture, beautiful colors, and modern design create a plant stand that fits most home decor and furniture. It can be paired with various plants, such as fiddle leaves, fig trees, cacti, snake plants, flowers, and others.

This flower pot stand is not only a planter, but also can be used to hold purifiers, humidifiers, and storage baskets...

Indoor plant stands are designed for the display and support of potted plants. They can be used in any room of the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, corners, offices, kitchens, and balconies. Sometimes they are placed next to sofas or tables.

 The bamboo wooden plant stand legs are equipped with four non-slip pads to make an indoor plant stand more stable and avoid imbalance. It also prevents floor damage and ensures a safe standing position for your indoor plant stands.

You can choose between a high or low version of this floor plant stand by flipping it over, which allows for the most suitable height for your plants.

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