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Ruichang is a key enterprise that can provide customers with high-quality products including our newest product bamboo drawer organizer and comprehensive services. Our service team works online so as to provide customers from different countries and regions with prompt services. Upholding the tenet of customer first, we provide prompt delivery service once we finish the production and QC process. We'd love to solve problems and answer all questions for customers. Just contact us immediately.
With complete bamboo drawer organizer production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our bamboo drawer organizer, call us directly.
Ruichang has been focusing on developing products regularly, of which bamboo drawer organizer is the newest. It is the newest series of our company and is expected to surprise you.
  • Bamboo Drawer Organizer Storage Boxes (set of 5)
    Bamboo Drawer Organizer Storage Boxes (set of 5)
    Model: HX-10257 / HX-10264 / HX-10265 / HX-10266Product Size: 26.6 x 17 x 6.2cm17.6 x 17.6 x 6.2cm16.6 x 10 x 6.2cm17.6 x 9.1 x 6.2cm10 x 10 x 6.2cmPacked Size(6 sets in 1ctn): 53 x 41 x 32.5cmNet Weight: 1.25kgGross Weight: 1.62kgMaterial: Bamboo + MDFColor: Natural / Black / White / Walnut
  • 3 Tier Bathroom Bamboo Shelf Organizer
    3 Tier Bathroom Bamboo Shelf Organizer
    Model: HX-71154 (Black)Item size: 60 x 15 x 54 cmMaterial: BambooNet Weight: 2kgGross Weight: 2.5kgColor: Black / Natural / Walnut / Brown / GreyAdjustable Height OptionsWide Enough for StorageWall-mounted
  • Dual Monitor Stand
    Dual Monitor Stand
    Model: HX-77069NAItem sizes: 106.4 x 26.4 x 12 cmWeight: 5 kgMateria: BambooColor: Natural / Black
  • Bamboo 3-Tier Wall Mount Storage Rack - Grey
    Bamboo 3-Tier Wall Mount Storage Rack - Grey
    ADJUSTABLE 3-TIER RACKThe bamboo shelf can be placed in the hall, living room, bedroom, or kitchen. With the 3-tier storage, you can have enough space to place many kinds of stuff and make your home well-organized and tidy.SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL & STURDY CONSTRUCTIONMade of 100% natural bamboo, which is durable, sturdy, and Eco-friendly. Made with good craftsmanship and each tier is constructed of bamboo slats, the rack can offer about 44 lbs total.SAFE AND FASHION DESIGNWith its smooth surface, this bamboo organizer will not cause harm to your belongings or your children. And the shelf is moisture-proof, the surface is smooth.EASY ASSEMBLYWith all the accessories we provided, the storage can be easy to assemble and disassemble. Detailed assembly steps are listed in the instructions so that you can spend a shorter time assembling the shelf well.
  • Boar Bristle Wooden Hair Brush
    Boar Bristle Wooden Hair Brush
    Item sizes: 25 x 8.4 x 4.3 cmWeight: 0.18 kgMaterial: BambooColor: Natural
  • High Quality Traditional Asia Wood Pillow
    High Quality Traditional Asia Wood Pillow
    Natural Comfort: Made of style Chinese FirTraditional Chinese Design: With the wisdom design for sleeping Comfortable Massage: Place your wooden pillow on the floor and position your neck on top of it. Then gently rock your head from side to side for 5-10 minutes.
  • Freestanding Household 4 Tier Bamboo Storage Shelf
    Freestanding Household 4 Tier Bamboo Storage Shelf
    Model: HX-76047Material: BambooColour: Natural+WhiteProduct Size: 34*33*108.5cmPacked Size: 34.5*8.2*111.5cm
  • 2-tier Storage Organizing Monitor Stand
    2-tier Storage Organizing Monitor Stand
    Model: HX-71586 / HX-71590 / HX-71591 / HX-71592Product Size: 42 x 30 x 12.7cmPacked Size(6pcs in 1ctn): 45 x 30 x 30cmNet Weight: 2.3kgGross Weight: 2.5kgMaterial: BambooColor: Natural / White / Black / Walnut
  • This is how we made out our bamboo stackable box
    This is how we made out our bamboo stackable box
    Model: HX-10188 / HX-10187 / HX-10186 / HX-10185 / HX-10184Product Size / New Weight: 1. HX-10188: 22.8 x 7.6 x 6.4cm / 0.25kg2. HX-10187: 22.8 x 15 x 6.4cm / 0.27kg3. HX-10186: 30.5 x 7.6 x 6.4cm / 0.24kg4. HX-10185: 30.5 x 15 x 6.4cm / 0.33kg5. HX-10184: 38 x 15 x 6.4cm / 0.58kgPacked Size(12pcs in 1ctn) / Gross Weight:1. HX-10188: 33 x 29.4 x 34.8cm / 0.33kg2. HX-10187: 43 x 24.5 x 33.5cm / 0.36kg3. HX-10186: 33 x 29 x 26cm / 0.32kg4. HX-10185: 43 x 32.3 x 33.5cm / 0.44kg5. HX-10184: 54 x 30 x 42cm / 0.65kgMaterial: BambooColor: NaturalSpecial Feature: Eco-friendly, Light Weight
  • Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutting Board
    Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutting Board
    Model: zip-1883The Ultimate Cutting Board Set: If you are looking for a top-notch quality cutting board that is extremely safe to use, then we got you covered. Not only one, but 3 premium quality cutting boards will serve your daily needs to the fullest. Forget all those poorly made boards that were full of plastic or would fall apart easily.100% Bamboo: If you are fed up with weakly made cutting boards and you need one to do some heavy-duty cutting and chopping, we have a proposal for you. Our cutting boards are made from high-quality bamboo to be safe to use on a daily basis. Invest now on the best cutting board that will never dull your knives and make a nice addition to your kitchen.Lifetime Promise: Freshware bamboo cutting boards are meant to help you eat healthier and save money by cooking at home. In the unlikely case that your cutting board is not perfect for you, just send them back for a full refund or replacement!
  • Bamboo Adjustable Organizer Tray for Bathroom
    Bamboo Adjustable Organizer Tray for Bathroom
    1. Multifunctional, Can Put Mobile Phone, I Pad, Aroma Lamp, Essential Oil, Towel, Magazine, Wine, Fruit Bowl, Etc.what's More, It Is Stable, Won't Fall.2. Telescopic Left and Right, Suitable for Any Standard Bathtub.3. Enjoying While Taking a Bath, It's Very Relaxing and Romantic.4. Bamboo Is Waterproof and Moisture Resistant, It Is Ideal for Bathrooms.5. Six Colors Available: Bamboo Nature Color, White, Red, Grey, Brown, Coffee Color.
  • Bamboo Storage Cabinet Organizer with Shutter Door
    Bamboo Storage Cabinet Organizer with Shutter Door
    Model: HX-4503Material: Bamboo + MDFItem size: 86 x 30 x 32 cmPacked size: 86.5 x 32 x 8.5 cmColor: White + Natural
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